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Information for parents/guardians.

6 October 2020 (by admin)

Hello Everyone,
We’re really looking forward to welcoming back our Y5 & Y6 bubbles next week.
Just to remind you, Y5 are due back to school on Monday 12th and Y6 on Tuesday 13th.
(I’m sharing this information with everyone because I feel you all need to be aware of the guidelines that need to be followed should your child’s bubble need to be closed.)
HOWEVER if any child or adult in the bubble,
• Has become symptomatic themselves during the isolation period, they need to isolate for a further 10 days from the onset of symptoms (one of the symptoms MUST be either high temperature, continuous cough or loss of taste or smell)
• Has been in close contact with anyone else who has tested positive during the isolation period they need to isolate for 14 days from the day they last had contact with the person who tested positive.
We must make sure that we are all following the guidelines to the letter if we are to be successful in protecting ourselves and community. If we close a bubble, everyone from that bubble should remain at home and have no contact with people from outside of their own household. Children and adults from bubbles who are isolating should not be anywhere near school or out and about in the community.
I have spoken to Public Health today and they have confirmed that all the advice school has given is correct. They also confirmed that if anyone in a bubble becomes symptomatic after return to school, then that bubble would again be closed.
This is why it is vital that everyone follows the guidelines otherwise we will never contain this virus.