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School Uniform

Our school uniform is available to order from the school office and this should be worn by all pupils.


Our school uniform consists of:

  • school jumper / cardigan
  • blue cotton shirt (short sleeved or long sleeved)
  • school tie
  • grey/black trousers or skirt
  • black shoes
  • during warmer weather (April-September), summer dresses/shorts may be worn. Pupils wearing summer
    dresses do not need to wear a school tie
  • children can wear a traditional watch, but not a smart watch
  • jewellery (e.g. earrings, necklaces and bracelets) must not be worn.

For PE, pupils will be expected to wear the following:

  • royal blue PE shorts
  • our new Castletown PE top and hoodie
  • jewellery must not be worn.

Our Nursery uniform consists of:

  • blue sweatshirt
  • blue polo shirt
  • grey/black trousers or skirt
  • black shoes
  • during warmer weather, summer dresses/shorts may be worn.
  • From September 2023, our nursery children will no longer wear a red uniform but will match our school colour of blue. 

   Click here for a copy of the order form 

The order form can also be obtained from the school office.



  • Children can wear a watch to school (not a smart watch) but cannot wear jewellery.
  • Children are not permitted to wear any earrings in school (this includes the clear plastic spacers).
  • All earrings should be removed before coming to school.
  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. can turn a minor incident into a major accident if caught on apparatus or entangled in another child’s clothing or hair.


  • Pupils should wear black school shoes.
  • black leather kickers style and black leather trainers with no coloured markings or labels are fine.
  • Trainers made of fabric or with coloured logos etc. are not allowed.
  • Shoes should have flat heels to prevent injury to ankles whilst playing.


Price List

  Frequently Asked Questions

Why  have we made some changes to our school uniform?
During our September Curriculum Evening 2022, we outlined to parents the decision to change our uniform provider and to start supplying uniforms for purchase from school from academic year 2023-24 onwards. As headteacher, I want the very best for our pupils – they deserve it! Therefore, we have sourced a uniform that is of a high quality and that is durable enough to last throughout the school year.

Why order from school?
This places additional work on our school office staff but we firmly believe that, in the long term, this will benefit parents and will help to keep overall uniform costs stable. The first year of change always has the greatest impact, in terms of cost, as new uniforms have to be purchased and previous jumpers/cardigans, for example, cannot be handed down to siblings as is usually the case. We fully appreciate this and we will do all we can to help during this initial transition. As we build our school uniform stock we will hopefully be able to reinvest any profits to support parents with the price of uniform. Because school will be supplying uniform, any issues with quality or aftercare can be quickly resolved. We will also be hoping, in the future, to provide a good quality seconds uniform outlet for parents to access should they wish to do so.

I am concerned about the costing and any additional costs this year?
We are very aware of the impact the current ‘cost of living’ is having on everyone. This is placing additional spending pressure on all of our families and we are, at this time, not wanting to add further pressure or anxiety in relation to uniform costs. Therefore, for the 2023-24 academic year, school will be subsidising the uniform cost so that prices remain in line with pre-inflation figures and will not increase from this year. The costings can be seen above.

The quality of our new uniform will be superior to that offered by out previous provider (Little Gems). Our jumpers and cardigans should last for the majority of the academic year so there really is no need to buy more than two jumpers/cardigans over the school year. All pupils should have at least one jumper/cardigan with the school logo. School will offer the first two jumpers/cardigans at a reduced price. However, if you wish to buy a third or additional jumpers/cardigans then these will be charged at the full price. Alternatively, parents can source the second or additional jumpers/cardigans (of similar colour and material) from other providers if preferred.

Shirts, summer dresses, trousers, skirts (black or grey) etc. can be bought from local supermarkets and stores. There are some really good deals out there that can work out cheaper than your traditional uniform store. A school tie will be provided, free of charge, by the school. This will be an elastic or clip on tie. Additional ties will be charged at the price indicated. The requirement to wear appropriate black shoes for school has not changed. 

What about PE uniform?
All pupils will be expected to adhere to our PE uniform. This has not changed. All pupils will be expected to wear our new Castletown sports top. These will be quality breathable sports tops and your child will only need one top for the school year. To support parents, the cost of the first sports top has been priced at the same price as that of a basic school PE top. However, additional PE tops will be charged at the full price. Pupils will continue to wear royal blue PE shorts, as normal, and our new Castletown PE hoodies. If your child already has a good quality Castletown PE hoodie then it is not necessary to buy a new one. Your child will be able to wear this for PE until it requires changing. This will also be the case for PE bags and book bags.

My child is going into nursery next year. What about their uniform?
Our nursery children are no longer wearing a red uniform and now match our school colour of blue. 

Can I save for school uniform and purchase items across the year?
Yes. We are operating a saving fund in school if parents wish to use it. Money can be paid into this account each week and when enough funds are available on your account then this can be used to purchase items of school uniform. A payment book will be issued so that parents are kept up to date with savings.

My child has SEN and sensory needs. A change of uniform may cause issues. What do I do?
We work very closely with parents of all of our SEN children. In our experience, a change of uniform rarely causes an issue if your child is fully supported with this transition by home and school. In exceptional cases, school can make allowances regarding school uniform. Please have a conversation with Mr. Duncan if you need to.

Looking after school uniform
It is really important that our children look after their school uniform. Our school is no different from any other school in that items of uniform do get misplaced from time to time. Please ensure that you have labelled every item so that, if misplaced, lost items of uniform can be found and returned quickly. We have spoken with all of the children about taking care of their school uniform.

I still have concerns or questions, what do I do?
Please come and speak to us. Mr. Duncan has an open-door policy and he is more than happy to chat with any parent about any concerns that you may have.

Do you have any samples to check sizes?
Yes. Sample uniform sizes are available. Parents are welcome to contact the school office to arrange a time to check sizes.