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Important message from Mrs Lumsdon and Mrs Stevens

16 October 2020 (by admin)

As you know our area is currently a high risk region for COVID. We are doing everything we can in school to keep our children and community safe. We have noticed that despite many requests some people are still not following guidelines and helping us to keep our school community safe.
Parents must not congregate around entrances and exits! This includes standing around the barrier. We have asked numerous times for parents to come on to the car park and socially distance when dropping their children off on a morning and picking them up on a night. Some parents and children are having to squeeze past to get on and off the car park! This does not enable people to keep a safe distance.
This also includes the exit gate on a night when some of our children and parents are struggling to exit in a safe way because parents are standing around waiting and blocking the gates.
Parents must leave the premises as soon as they have dropped their children off on a morning or picked them up on a night. The only people who should be on the premises are those who have a child to drop off or pick up. Once this has been done, that parent must leave.
Face masks must be worn on school premises. Many people are not wearing masks when on the school grounds. School staff have been told not to engage in conversation with any parent who is not wearing a face mask.
Thank you to all of those people who are following these guidelines. Having spoken to many of you, we know that you are as frustrated as we are. We can only keep people safe if everyone follows rules.
Next week, as you know the systems have changed, to support you following feedback about staggered starts, again they can only be successful if everyone is on board.
Mrs Lumsdon and Mrs Stevens